Pheu Thai Party Reaffirm Political Standpoint as of 2 September 2015

Pheu Thai Party has proposed comments toward the
draft constitution that this constitution does not respect in people’s sovereignty.
Such constitution allows dictatorial regime to continue to suppress people
without check and balance. People will lack basic rights and opportunities. The
democratic principle which has been accepted by the people will be destroyed.
The draft constitution will result in weak, ineffective, and inoperative
elected government. Economy will slump. Thai people will become even more
politically polarized at all levels. Reconciliation will never be achieved.
Thailand will fall into an endless vicious cycle. 

After this draft constitution has been made public.
People, Politicians, Academics, Academic Institutions, and Medias have made
similar comments that the draft constitution is not only undemocratic but also
bring Thailand back to early ages when democracy has not been adopted. Many
agree that the constitution was designed to maintain the Junta’s power by
creating a military regime to control over and elected government. People will
be suppressed. This constitution, although may have passed National Reform
Council’s votes, may not likely pass the public referendum. The drafting and
referendum processes will be a waste of taxpayers’ money as much as 3,000
Billion Baht. Therefore, Pheu Thai Party urge all parties to reconsider and
propose resolutions as follow:   

National Reform Council (NRC) has to vote on this constitution on September 6th,
2015, NRC should vote against this constitution to show that NRC uphold Thai
People’s interest and the country as first priority. Voting against the
constitution will stop political crisis to happen. 

NRC decides to vote for the constitution, NRC is forcing this constitution onto the people. The constitution, which its drafting process lacks public
participation, will lead the country to a deeper political polarization.
Thailand will end up in endless vicious cycle of undemocratic constitution. As
a result Thailand will lack credibility in international communities worldwide.
The country will be greatly damaged. And the people who draft this constitution
are to be held responsible.  

Pheu Thai Party

2 September 2015