Pheu Thai Party Statement 15 Sep 2015

Call on NCPO to Stop Violating Thai People’s Right and Freedom

Recently, NCPO has ordered
Pravit Rojanapruk, senior journalist of the Nation, Mr. Pichai Nariptaphan and
Mr. Karoon Hosakul, Pheu Thai Members to detain in order to “adjust the
attitude” for expressing themselves publicly against NCPO. NCPO claimed that such
expressions were provocative and may cause disorder within the country.
Moreover, another Pheu Thai Member who criticized NCPO publicly, Mr. Wattana
Muangsuk was mysteriously physically attacked by a group of men. On past
September 6, 2015 Mr. Parit Chiwarak, a grade 11 student and Secretary of
Education for Liberation of Siam was forcibly removed by the police officers to
Patumwan Police Station for holding signs merely to ask General Prayuth a

Pheu Thai Party
believes that the use of power is seriously violating the people’s right and
freedom. The Party strongly disagree with these actions. Freedom to express
diverse viewpoints is a basic human right which is valuable to our country as a
whole as long as those speeches do not provoke violence.

In addition, such acts
of the authority are against the 2014 Interim Constitution Section 4 which
states that all Thai citizens are entitled to their civil rights and political
rights, based on the United Nation’s definition in this constitution.

Since NCPO executions
and actions have violated the people’s right and freedom, Pheu Thai Party would
like to state the followings:

1. We urge NCPO to stop
violating the people’s freedom of speeches especially on economic, social and
political issues with any kinds of power. Should NCPO see any acts are against
the laws passed by the National Legislative Assembly, we urge the authority to
enforce regular laws under regular justice system.

2. We urge NCPO to
release anyone in detention immediately without any conditions and urge NCPO to
stop the use of power which will violate the people’s rights and freedom.

3. We urge NCPO to
cancel any order or announcement which will beproblems to
the people’s freedom of speeches to encourage people to voice out their
opinions on our country’s resolutions. Please stop taking our country and
people hostages by trying out your own solutions. People should be able to
participate in proposing the country’s resolution as owners of this

4. We urge NCPO to stop
people from expressing their different viewpoints. NCPO should be opened to
facts and suggestions to current issues especially on economic, politic and
social ones. NCPO should listen to all parties without bias. People who made
comments are not always a threat to national security nor government’s survival
nor political rivalry.

5. We urge NCPO to
reconcile our country as soon as possible and return Thailand to democracy. We
urge you to hold general election under fair and democratic rules to regain
acceptance by international community. 

Pheu Thai Party

15 September 2015