Phumtham’s plea to PM Prayuth: please consider ex-PM Yingluck’s case with justice so as to preserve the integrity and international acceptance of Thailand’s justice system

I am trying to make sense of the prosecution against ex-PM Yingluck on the “Rice Pledging Scheme” case, despite my several misgivings. What I cannot understand is why she always has to face the so-called “innovation” during the prosecution. These are some of the examples;
1) Why the drought was blamed on the “Rice Pledging Scheme”, whereas the more sensible culprit should be adverse environmental changes?
2) Why the policy that benefits the farmers by increasing their purchasing powers, in turn improving their quality of live and the economy as a whole, be considered a crime which she has to bear with while proving her innocence?
3) As for the case of “rotten rice” which has been relentlessly repeated in public, why does the government not sue the participating mills, each of which had already signed an agreement with the previous administration? Importantly, the “rotten rice” issue may be caused by government officials’ oversight. Why does Khun Yingluck become the culprit again in this case? I am still trying to come to terms with this.
4) Why do baseless criticisms against the rice pledging scheme still continue unabated, even though it can be proven that the alleged losses from the scheme doesn’t actually arise as such? Instead, the “rice pledging” scheme had been unfairly attributed as being harmful to Thailand despite the existence of similar policies in the past. Crucially, the international community understands that in principle, the “Rice Pledging Scheme” is one of several policies which the government is mandated to implement, as stipulated in the constitution. What is equally important is that it is the duty of the government to take care of its citizens. In this regard the Rice Pledging Scheme is no different from measures to stabilise the price of rubber or other agricultural produces.
I am forming these arguments based on the following rationale: Why do those who are committed to social contract by pushing through policies benefiting the populace become “the culprit”? The more I think of this, the more logic eludes me.
We have to accept that “rice pledging”-style policies have conferred benefits to the farmers and the economy as a whole. Also, every single baht that the government pays out does not leak because it has been sent straight from the government account to every farmer’s households without loss.
With that said, if we intend to resolve the ongoing domestic conflicts, we have to make sure that the concept of basic justice is widely accepted. To this end, I would like to propose to the Prime Minister, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, to consider ensuring justice to ex-PM Yingluck Shinawatra in this case. I believe that you should have seen her determination to resolve the country’s problems upon your collaboration with her during the previous administration.
I am of the opinion that what Khun Yingluck has continually asked for is not unfair privilege. What she seeks is the fairness in the justice system as with all Thais are entitled to receive.
As the trial in Khun Yingluck’s case is only in its initial stages, whereas the limitation of prosecution in this civil case is 15 years, I do not think it is necessary to close the case in a hurry, less it becomes ridiculed by the public.  What I would like to see is for her to be given the opportunity to defend herself fairly in accordance with internationally accepted rule of law.
For this coming trial, the government should clearly declare that fairness is ensured in the ex-PM’s prosecution, whereas the trial should be conducted as per normal proceedings with no special powers being imposed. What I have sincerely proposed is borne out of a desire for the rule of law and fairness to be guaranteed in legal proceedings. I am confident that His Excellency the Deputy Prime Minister, who is in charge of legal affairs and the Council of the State, as well being the advisor to the Prime Minister, should be able to help you revise and meticulously consider this case.
I firmly believe that the decisions made based on these proposals and petitions will further lift the Prime Minister’s prestige. In addition, the resolution of Thailand’s deep-seated problems will be accelerated, thus benefiting all parties and the country as a whole.   
  Phumthum Wechayachai
Acting Secretary General of the Pheu Thai Party  
  8th November, 2015