Pheu Thai Party Statement on Rajabhakti Park Project

Pheu Thai Party had made Statements dated 13th
November 2015, 19th November 2015, and 24th November 2015
calling for the government to make clarifications and announcements detailing
various measures in regards to the corruption allegation of Rajabhakti Park
Project and
imploring the Prime Minister and the
Minister of Defense who have full knowledge and supported the Project from the
beginning to show their responsibility and proceed to find the offenders in a
transparent and impartial manner
Subsequently, the Minister of Defense, Gen Prawit Wongsuwan ordered the
Permanent Secretary of Defense (Gen Preecha Chan-o-cha) set up an investigative
panel concerning the Project, even though he has consistently denied to the
public that the Rajabhakti Park Project was not connected
with the Government, and that it has proceeded with transparency.

Now that the more truth has been revealed to the public, Pheu
Thai Party thus sees the necessity to announce the facts to the public, and
also call out to those who are responsible
as follows:

1.  The fact that Chairsit Trachoetahm,
Chairman of the State Audit Commission revealed that part of the money used in
the construction of Rajabhakti Park Project came from public funds, with a
total of 63.57 million bath,
with the Department of Budget Payment, Office
of the Army Comptroller responsible for ordering these payments. Therefore,
Rajabhakti Park Project has utilized government budget,
which contradicts with
the explanations made by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense, that
the Project did not use any money from the State.

The fact that the
budget allocated for the construction of the Project was unusually high
For instance, the Entrance Signage (Sign) costed 5,031,700 baht, the
construction of security building was 2,254,300 baht and the construction of
the fencing around the inside of Rajabhakti Park used as much as 9,343,500

fact that the Army Court has issued warrants number 33/2558 and 35/2558
dated 9th November 2015 and warrant number 47/2015 dated 25th November 2015 to
arrest and prosecute Col Khachachart Boondee and Maj Gen Suchart Prommai. Maj
Gen Suchart is a director and Secretary General of Rajabhakti Foundation which has
Gen Udomdej Sitabutr as the Chairperson
. He had also been the army officer
who is an aide of Gen Udomdej since he was the Army Commander of Region 1, and
was later appointed as Commanding Officer of Regiment 11, Army Circle 1,which is an extremely
important position that controls the combat forces in the Army. Furthermore,
during the transition, when Gen Udomdej was retiring, Col Suchartwas promoted by him to be a Specialist with the rank of Major General.

As for Col
Khachachart, Gen Udomdej appointed him as Commander of 36th Army
of Army Region 3 and then moved to take up position of Commander of Artillery 11th, Army Region 1, which is another
important position in the Army. Furthermore, prior to his retirement, Gen
Udomdej ordered the promotion of Col Khachachart to Deputy Commanding General,
Military Circle 11.  However, when Gen Thirachai
Nakwanichbecame the Army Chief, this order was revoked
and Col Khachachart was sent back to the 3rd Region. For this reason,
both Maj Gen Suchart Prommai and Col Khachachart Boondee were army officers who
were very close to Gen Udomdej and served as his aides, assigned to implement
numerous special tasks beyond the normal duties that they were responsible for,
such as Rajabhakti Park Project that Maj Gen
Suchart was appointed director and Secretary General of the Rajabhakti

Pheu Thai Party sees that these additional
facts, numbers 1 to 3, that have been revealed to the public showed that Rajabhakti
Park Project which is under the responsibility of the Government clearly is
wrought with corruption. The denial by the commanders of various ranks thus is
lacking and cannot take responsibility for the damage that had taken place.

Pheu Thai Party thus
implore the following:

Udomdej Sitabutr should consider resigning from the position of Deputy Minister
of Defense
. This is because when
Col Khachachart, Maj Gen Suchart were accused of violating Article 112 and 113
and other criminal offenses, the reputation of Gen Udomdej has become seriously
tarnished and may be deemed of having involvement in these matters. Gen Udomdej
having served in the position of Commanding Officer of the 21st
Infantry Regiment, and the Army Chief and a Royal Guard, thus knows well, that
for the grace and honor of the Army and to preserve the authority of His
Majesty, Gen Udomdej should no longer continue in the position of Deputy
Minister of Defense. Gen Prayuth Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and former Army
Chief, Gen Prawit Wonsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and
former Army Chief and Gen Udomdej Sitabutr, Deputy Minister of Defense and
former Army Chief must jointly take the decision to unfailingly preserve the
utmost loyalty of the Army to the Monarchy.

2.  When it
has been found that government budget has been used and the Cabinet made the
resolutionto assign the Army the responsibility, it is
thus clear that the Project has been in the knowledge of the Prime Minister and
the Government from the start. Also, the picture released by the media
indicates the close relationships between the Prime Minister and the Amulet
Trader that became the contractor, which was to the extent that during his
position as Army Chief he paid a visit to congratulate this person on the
occasion of being elected as Chief Executive of Subdistrict Administrative
Organization (SAO). What the Prime Minister has expressed concerning Rajabhakti
Park Project contradicts the facts and attempted to conceal and deny
responsibility. Since the Prime Minister also presided as Chairperson of the National
Anti-Corruption Center of the NCPO,as also in the case of
the Minister and the Deputy Minister of Defense, Pheu Thai Party thus call
for the Prime Minister to assume responsibility for this case, since the
Government has the key policy that was announced to the public that it would
protect the Monarchy and suppress corruption.

Furthermore, the Ministers and all those who
are involved must also take responsibility for the acts committed.

there are irregularities that illegal offense has been committed and there is
benefit-seeking from the Project, it is in the power of the National Anti-Corruption
Commission, the Auditor General, the Royal Thai Police, Department of Special
Investigation and Anti-Money Laundering Office to promptly investigate the
. This is because the
order by the Minister of Defense for the Permanent Secretary of Defense (Gen.
Preecha Chan-o-cha) to setup an investigative panel obviously harbored doubts
in principle whether such investigation can be conducted in a transparent, pure
and just manner, without external intervention and whether the results would be
acceptable to the public. The correct approach should be to assign the
organizations that have the duties and are directly responsible to conduct the
investigation so that the results will be more accurate and acceptable

Thai Party

November 2015