Pheu Thai Party Statement on Rajabhakti Park Project 6

This statement is made in regards to the previous statements made by Pheu
Thai Party on 13th November 2015, 19th November 2015, 24th
November 2015 and 27th November 2015 and 1st December
2015 calling for the Government to urgently announce the details and investigate
into the corruption allegations concerning Rajabhakti Park Project and also demanded
the commanders/supervisors of the offenders in various ranks to show their responsibilities
to the society as the corruption scandal has clearly and explicitly stirred up
anxiety and suspicion amongst the public.

Pheu Thai Party sees that the allegation not only affects the feelings
and sentiments of the Thai people but has also negatively affected the faith of
the people in the anti-corruption policies of the Government. Therefore, in
order to create transparency and clarity to the public, Pheu Thai Party calls
for the Prime Minister to consider making an announcement to explain, or order
organizations involved to clarify the following issues to the public:

1.  Which government official
initiated the idea to construct Rajabhakti Park Project?

2.  Why is the construction of the site
for Rajabhakti Park Project situated at Prachup Khiri Khan Province, instead of
Sukhothai, Ayuthaya or Thonburi /Bangkok
which were the ancient Thai capitals that has direct connections with
the statues of Thai Kings that are being commemorated?

3.  Why does Rajabhakti Park Project, that has the objective to honor and
proclaim the fame of former Thai kings, also have guest houses built to
welcome foreign guests of the Army, which is not related to the history of
Thailand whatsoever

4.  Why did the Army not set up a
budget according to the Budget Act B.E. … to be used in the construction of
Rajabhakti Park Project
, but instead opted for
requesting the central budget when the Project has no such urgent need?

5.  How did the Cabinet that
represents the Government make its consideration and on what grounds did it
decide to approve the use of central budget to the Army despite the country
facing such economic downturn
, with many other urgent needs that require the national budget, such as assisting
the people facing drought – water shortage and helping the farmers suffering
from agricultural produce price slump?

6.  How is it appropriate for the
Army to issue letters requesting donations from Government organizations and
including numerous companies and stores,
when many of these organizations are facing economic difficulties or already
running at a loss?

7.  Why must nearly all the
construction and procurement have to use “special procedure”
when there is no urgent need, and why is the usual auction method that
is fair and transparent not adopted?

8.  How did procurements of
Rajabhakti Park Project, that follows government regulations, come to have a
Middleman (the Amulet Trader) as the Project negotiator?
And, how does this Middleman garner the influence that could demand special
benefits (kickbacks) from the foundries?

9.  How did Maj Gen Suchart Prommai, Col Khachachart Boonmee and Suriyan
Sucharitpolwong (“Mor Yong”) come to be involved with Rajabhakti Park Project,
and so far has there been any legal litigations carried out against their demands
and misappropriating money for the Project?

10.Why did the Government barred
and arrested the students and people that travelled by train from Thonburi
Station to visit Rajabhakti Park
when the Government and the NCPO has the
duty to bring to light the truth and should conduct fact finding in a
straightforward manner and not obstruct any individuals from joining in the investigation?
Such arrests and detentions of these students and people is a grave violation
of fundamental human rights.

11.The attempts made by the people to join in the investigation for
corruption allegations of Rajabhakti Park is because their sentiments have been
affected to the point that it has become unacceptable. Why must the
Government and the NCPO, instead of urgently investigating into the matter to
bring clarity to the public and prosecute the offenders, make the deliberate
attempt to dodge the issue claiming it has been “politicized” by those with ill
motives for the country?

12.Since it has become clear to the public that Rajabhakti Park Project that
seek to honor former cherished and precious Thai Kings have become tarnished
and affected their Royal reputation, how does the Government who claim to
have the highest loyalty to the Monarchy make request for Royal pardon?

Pheu Thai Party, therefore, calls to the Prime Minister who is the leader
of the Government to urgently clarify to the public all doubts in an open and
transparent manner. Also other lingering questions have arisen concerning its unwilling
attitude to allow the public to conveniently join in the investigation. Other
organizations or individuals that seek to investigate into the matter also
confront numerous obstacles and concerns.

  Pheu Thai Party would
like to emphasize that Rajabhakti Park Project is highly revered and is the
pride of the Thai people. The conduct that made the people feel that there have
been irregularities, corruption and exploitation from the Project is thus unacceptable
to the Thai people.

  The Government thus has
the duty to bring clarity to the public. For example, it must reveal all the
expenses used in the construction of the Project, where did the money come from
and also facilitate investigations in order to speedily end all suspicion and

Pheu Thai Party

9th December 2015