PHEU THAI PARTY STATEMENT The Resolutions by the Council Ministers of the European Union On The Relations between Thailand and the European Union


The Resolutions by the Council Ministers of the European Union


The Relations between Thailand and the European Union


From the conclusion of the 14 points (“the resolutions”) of the Council of Ministers of the European Union (EU) on foreign relations between Thailand and the EU on December 112017, by which political relations will resume, Pheu Thai Party would like to make the following statement:


1. Pheu Thai Party is aware of the long-term, close relationship between Thailand the EU and the latter’s staunch support and concern in Thailand’s situation; its opposition to the coup in 2014; its announcement to halt high-level contacts with the junta government and its call for restoration of democracy, rights and freedom and to end the breach on human rights in Thailand.  Therefore, the EU’s position remains strong and true to its original resolutions, which is of utmost importance to Thailand’s democracy.  On the signing of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) and negotiations on Free Trade Agreement (FTA),the EU’s position remains the same in that the signing may be pursued with a democratically elected civilian government, as stated in clause 11 of the resolutions.   PheuThai Party sees that Thailand has lost a lot of opportunities.  If Thailand is able to successfully obtain free trade agreement with the EU, there will be economic opportunities that could run into hundreds of billions of bahtfor our products and our people.  Anyhow, such opportunities will have to come under the conditions set by the EU council members, that is, having an elected, civilian government.  Therefore, it is the duty of the present government to proceed and push for this to happen soon.


2. Pheu Thai Party is aware of the creative attitude of the EU’s council ministers’ call for Thailand to urgently restore democracy through credible elections, respect human rights, fundamental freedoms, civil and political rights, for which Thailand has committed to observe according to the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights between other countries.



3. Pheu Thai Party notes that the EU council ministers is aware that the head of the NCPO stated on  October 10, 2017 that the election will be held in November 2018.  The Party sees that a credible, honest and fair election will gain credibility for Thailand by the world communities and will create great economic opportunities for Thailand and its people.


4. Pheu Thai Party notes that  with the EU’s resumption of gradual political re-engagement with Thailand, as mentioned in clause 7 of the resolutions, the government and those responsible for the foreign relations should come to a clear understanding of this term as it is being taken to mean that the EU will revive relationship or resume political engagements which is not exactly what it denotes in the original English language.  What it means is that political communications will be resumed with Thailand and therefore, there should not be excessive use of Information Operation.



5. Pheu Thai Party calls on the government and the prime minister to take note of clause 12 of the EU council ministers’ resolutions which reiterates that it shall review relations with Thailand, with emphasis on the lifting of restrictions on freedom of expression and media; on lifting bans on political activities by political parties; by holding credible elections; by installing a democratically elected civilian government under a new constitution.  This goes to show that there is much more to be done in order to restore relationship that will not have to be reviewed, or, a normal relationship. However, the Party sees that the government has not addressed the several areas that are of concerns for Thais and the international communities.


Pheu Thai Party calls on the government to seriously take actions to expedite the election process that is credible, clean, fair, in accordance with true democracy so that an elected civilian government can be installed in order to forge closer ties with the EU, as in the past.  Also, so that negotiations for the agreements and the signing of the  Free Trade Agreement can be expedited, as well as other agreements, based on fairness and for the mutual benefits of the EU and Thailand.



Pheu Thai Party

December 13, 2017