PHEU THAI PARTY STATEMENT : The NCPO and the Government have Lost their Legitimacy to Govern


The NCPO and the Government have Lost their Legitimacy
to Govern

Since the National Council for Peace
and Order (NCPO) seized power on May 22, 2014
and set up government, the NCPO and the government were not able to
solve the problems for the country and its people, instead, they created some
crucial problems that may become a national crisis in the future.  These are:

1.  The NCPO chief’s use of power to issue announcements and orders that limit
the rights and freedom of the people, the media and the academics.  Even though the 2017 Constitution has come
into effect, these announcements and orders which infringe on the rights and freedom
of the people are still in effect.  This
is definitely illegitimate.

2.  Appointing their own people to hold positions within the independent
organizations and various other organizations have made these organizations
lose their independence, which could make them vulnerable to being led by the
NCPO and its chief.

3.  Use mechanisms that they themselves had created
to facilitate the transfer of power,
whether through writing up the constitution to
allow for the appointment of  senators in
order to pave way for them in the future; changing the electoral system; drawing
up the country’s 20-year roadmap; writing up the organic
law on political parties and the use of Section 44 to weaken the
existing political parties while  giving
advantage to the new parties (which could be seen as those who will support
their hold on to power).

4.  Lack of respect and non-adherence to the
constitution which is the highest law of the land
,  by
issuing orders that are beyond their power and amending laws on political
parties.  Moreover, one of the NCPO
leaders (Gen. Prawit) has threatened to come out and demand his democratic
freedom, citing his sovereignty, which shows that he does not accept that the
constitution is the highest law.

5.  Inability to solve the country’s crucial

5.1  Failure to create unity, as the NCPO
themselves are the cause of conflict, while the reconciliation process is
through the appointment of their own people as directors
and the lack of having people-participation and the involvement of other
sectors in the reconciliation process.

The inability to solve the economic and social problems.  The price of agricultural products fell to a
low; the people do not have the purchasing power, even though trillions of
bahts have been dumped into the economy; social problems, human trafficking,
drugs and crimes are rampant and worsening.

The inability to solve corruption There were news of corruption within the
government since it came into power, such as, the purchase of expensive
microphones in the cabinet meeting room; the Rajaphakti Park; the purchase of
submarines; news of corruption in the 9101 Project; corruption in the War
Veterans Organization of Thailand; granting permission to the private sector to
use forestry land which is illegal, etc. 
All these, along with some core NCPO personnel’s involvements in the
GT200 and the airship, were not given proper investigations.  Some cases were simply closed without much
ado.  The latest is the scandal involving
Gen. Prawit’s possession of more than 25 luxury watches which Gen. Prayut
brushed off as being a personal matter. 
Moreover, there were also cases of interference with some independent
agencies, such as the case where some directors without the right
qualifications and having prohibitive traits [could still retain their
positions] through their close relationships with the NCPO chief.  This is their way of creating mechanisms to
protect themselves, their cronies and their network which is causing widespread
mistrust among the people.

A leadership crisis – it
is seen that the NCPO chief and prime minister is going through a crisis of
confidence as a leader and will not be able to lead the country as he does not
keep to his word on several matters, such as

(1)  Since December 8, 2013, Gen. Payut stated that
there will be no military take-over but that the military and him will be
tolerant and will find a way out to end the problem through peaceful
means.  Seizing power is not the right
way to solve the problem and more problems will follow.  How, then, will Thailand be able stand among
the world community?  But Gen. Prayut
seized power on May 22, 2014.

(2)  On the election, it can be seen that the
NCPO and the government are not serious about returning power to the people
through this means.
  Starting with
“Bavornsak’s draft charter” which was rejected by the National Reform
Council, which is one of the 5 rivers, and the setting of conditions in drawing
up organic laws that is long-drawn out, have clearly shown their intention to
prolong their hold onto power.

Importantly, the NCPO chief made a promise to
the people and to the world that an election will be held but he had not been
true to his word all along.  Recently, he
promised that the election will be held in November 2018 but the law that is
still in effect had been extended for another 90 days.  This makes it clear that that the election will be pushed back further
and will not be taking place till February 2019, or may not take place at all
in that year.  The constant postponement of
the election has created a critical leadership crisis for the NCPO chief.

(3)  Succumbing to evidence of being a politician.  Since
the coup, Gen. Prayut has denied 9 times that he is not a
politician while making accusations against politicians on various issues.
However, on January 3, 2018, he
admitted that he is a politician and is doing his duties with a hope of
returning to power.

the facts and the behaviors of those mentioned above, Pheu Thai Party deems that it can be said that the NCPO, the government
and the 5 rivers have colluded to use the mechanisms under
their authorities, which they themselves created, so that they are within the
constitution, for their mutual benefit and for their own succession to power.  Laws had been bended to suit their purpose
and to those of their cronies; promises made to the people and to the world
community were not kept, etc.  These show
that the government has lost its legitimacy. 
The four years under their rule has proven to the Thai people and to the
world, once again, that the coup d’etat and the overthrow of a democratic
government do not solve a country’s problems. 
On the contrary, it will create more problems that will impact the country
as a whole.  The best way out would be
for the NCPO to return power to the people without further delay.

the kind information.

 Pheu Thai Party

 February 1,